Look What is Happening at Outreach!

Look What is Happening at Outreach
Posted on 02/12/2015
*School Age A (Becka Hill and Vicky Hannahs): Students have been studying about the properties of water. They explored how water forms into ice and snow. They played with actual  snow and made their own "fake snow" using baking soda and shaving cream. The students have been having a great time! 

*School Age B (Rochelle Croston and Jess Beale):  Students have been learning about economics through the identification of prices of items. They researched online to find various restaurant prices. They seemed to enjoy picking items off the Burger King and Taco Bell menus. They used Symbolstix from the Unique Learning System curriculum to identify prices. 

*Vocational A (Jessica Rhodes and Nichole Townend):  Students conducted a science experiment to determine which drink was least harmful to your teeth. They chose fruit juice, soda, and water as their sample groups. Egg were placed in bowls with each of the three drinks for 24 hours. The soda and juice caused some very vivid and unusual results! 

*Vocational B (Bridget Dantimo and Mary Ellen Cirjak):  Students have been learning about black history month by studying African-American Inventors, using switches to answer questions, and making crafts. They spent time watching inspiring speeches from Martin Luther King, Jr. 

*Art (Maria Golden): The classes are being introduced to the elements of 3D structures. They have been creating "selfie" dolls; incorporating their portraits.  

*Music (Ryann Sefcik): Each class has been learning about world music; including, Jamaican, African, and Asian. They have had  opportunities to explore instruments associated with each culture.